On New Year Eve

Every time I asked her to mingle,
She said “I want to be single”,
She gave me a hundred grounds,
On which her new decision was found.

But I always knew from deep inside, she’s hurt,
Hurt because of some emotional surge,
A surge that came to her in recent past.

Finally a day came when she could hold it no more,
She finally let it out while sitting close,
It was neither because of me, I was glad
nor for me, I was mad

With heavy breaths and trembling voice,
I could feel her emotion as she tried to maintain her choir.
All this happened on new year eve,
I was being an angry creep.

First of January it was, too close to me she was,
I had frown for her, no not anymore,
Everything went, went gushing down the rabbit hole.

That day I went home, walked the way crying,
Everything I wanted was in front of me,
And I knew she was not mine.

But now I have hope,
On Hope I am relying,
Trust me I am trying.

P. S. – I have a lot to write,
But that will expose the secret that I am given to hide,
So ending here this time.



I want a million people who know me,
Be successful with all my failures as legendary stories,
Stand in-front of a 30 story,
Touch the wall and screaming, Damn! I own it.

Wear suit and shiny polished shoes,
Own a limo with driver in white too,
Every time I sneeze, it’s a headline news,

Ride on a bike every Monday,
Beaches, seas every Sunday,
Sky dive once every week.

Every appearance with standing ovation,
Everybody applauding with fake smile session,
Thinking that I am a false person.

You think I am egomaniac, just want to have money,
But this is my ambition, and it is only to show,
One day I will be something more,
Stand strong in-front of those,
Who show me I am just somebody,
You cannot ever score more.

The game of throne

The game of throne,
is too simple,
Never lose the crown,
Here, lies the wisdom,
This wisdom may never have reverence, though
But don’t make a mistake,
To lose the reference fork.

That is what started in the past,
But follow ups still do last,
With new tactics,
To put everyone apart,
You don’t even realized how smart,
It all went down street so fast,
You cannot catch it till last.

My Poetry

My Poetry, is just like a prose,
It hits WordPress in rows,
And then I am on Dashboard,
To see a notification, that pops,
And says there are two like more,
And a follower waiting,
for me, to write more.

But there are no comments to show,
Only spam filtered out,
And that too four,
But still I wait for comments to show,
Not only appreciation, but your opinions, Oh,
So, I am back on WordPress,
To press this prose.

But still I wait for comments to show,
Somebody, asking me,
“Is it a sonnet in these rows?”
And I’ll reply, “Oh, buddy I just don’t know,
Never had poetry as my interest,
In high school and intermediate,
What so ever so.”

I almost ended this prose,
With “What so ever so”,
I went back into the rows,
I had something missing, Oh!
And it was the starting,
No, neither the first line,
Nor the rhyme,
But the title, though.

Now, what it’ll be,
You already know,
The first two words, “My Poetry”
How is it?
My friends and foes.


You don’t know what he felt like,
You don’t know what he dreamt like,
You don’t know when he slept tight.

Feels You know all,
but you know non,
but prejudice has a throne to run,

Passing through,
I met a boy,
I never stood with a choice,
But prejudice had its voice,
Growing in my head with noise.

It whispered slowly,
But made its message clear,
I knew I was jealous of him,
With no tear.

Prejudice stood weaponless,
And you had a mighty weapon,
The brain you were born with,
As a freedom right given.

But brain is where prejudice lives,
That’s why you lose a win-win twist.


Life’s the game of up and down,
Going here and there with no frown.

It all started with a cry,
Cradle of Life stood by,
You don’t know the journey took a start,
With the earth as your path.

Death came and waved,
Soul has departed,
And boarded a train,
Train that have heavens aimed.

From the cradle to the grave,
Life has played its game,
All over once again,
With tears that have rained.

From the ashes,
a new body will rise again,
Same soul,
But with new Life again.

Now Life has a new game to play,
Crossing the mountains,
And valley again.

All will start with a cry again,
Cradle of Life will stand by again,
You still don’t know the journey took a start,
With the earth as your path.