On New Year Eve

Every time I asked her to mingle,
She said “I want to be single”,
She gave me a hundred grounds,
On which her new decision was found.

But I always knew from deep inside, she’s hurt,
Hurt because of some emotional surge,
A surge that came to her in recent past.

Finally a day came when she could hold it no more,
She finally let it out while sitting close,
It was neither because of me, I was glad
nor for me, I was mad

With heavy breaths and trembling voice,
I could feel her emotion as she tried to maintain her choir.
All this happened on new year eve,
I was being an angry creep.

First of January it was, too close to me she was,
I had frown for her, no not anymore,
Everything went, went gushing down the rabbit hole.

That day I went home, walked the way crying,
Everything I wanted was in front of me,
And I knew she was not mine.

But now I have hope,
On Hope I am relying,
Trust me I am trying.

P. S. – I have a lot to write,
But that will expose the secret that I am given to hide,
So ending here this time.


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