The 90’s kid

First of all my greetings to all 1990 born people. Remember Cartoon Network. Everyday after 1:30pm. Back from school. And sit in-front of idiot box to watch the kid series. Remember Make way for Noddy, Bob the builder, Scooby Doo, The mask, etc.

I have a better quality TV subscription now. But haven’t subscribed to kids channel. Though, I am 19 years old now. But still I love to watch animated movies and cartoons. Despicable Me, The Lorax, Kung Fu Panda, etc. This is a never-ending list so terminating with an etc.

We are humans, and the most important phenomenon that rules our life is that of regretting. When we were kids we always regretted. Thinking teenage is better. We are teenagers but still continue to regret, because this time childhood is better. Regretting has always ruled and will rule till forever. Maybe nature designed us this way.

Why do we forget things? As time passes memories start to faint and continue to. People do say that they remember some part of their life as it was, when it happened. That is nothing but exaggeration. Well this forgetting is important. Life will become more and more boring if we don’t forget what had happened. Every adventure will be good for a single time only. Nature forces us to forget so that we can experience it all again. Maybe, a cruel way to make things fun but that is how it is and how it has to be.

I didn’t start this post to put these philosophies that my mind gets. But here they made their way out. Funny but true. That is exactly what happens when you start writing.

I can watch these cartoon even at this age too. Well there is a small another theory that my Cerebrum has. Every body likes to think, imagine, feel the imagination as if real, and be happy about it. And that is exactly what happens when you watch cartoons or sometimes movies too. You successfully become a part of another’s imagination through the 24 frames per second videos. That is the only reason viewers get entertained. Imagine or be a part of imagination. Doesn’t matter from where the idea is convinced from but then it grows.

I love to spend my time pondering. Because of this habit I ran out of time in a medical entrance examination. I don’t remember what I was pondering but I do remember that I was doing that for more than 15 straight minutes. I am unable to help myself with that. It happens 24X7X365.


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