I want a million people who know me,
Be successful with all my failures as legendary stories,
Stand in-front of a 30 story,
Touch the wall and screaming, Damn! I own it.

Wear suit and shiny polished shoes,
Own a limo with driver in white too,
Every time I sneeze, it’s a headline news,

Ride on a bike every Monday,
Beaches, seas every Sunday,
Sky dive once every week.

Every appearance with standing ovation,
Everybody applauding with fake smile session,
Thinking that I am a false person.

You think I am egomaniac, just want to have money,
But this is my ambition, and it is only to show,
One day I will be something more,
Stand strong in-front of those,
Who show me I am just somebody,
You cannot ever score more.


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