My Poetry

My Poetry, is just like a prose,
It hits WordPress in rows,
And then I am on Dashboard,
To see a notification, that pops,
And says there are two like more,
And a follower waiting,
for me, to write more.

But there are no comments to show,
Only spam filtered out,
And that too four,
But still I wait for comments to show,
Not only appreciation, but your opinions, Oh,
So, I am back on WordPress,
To press this prose.

But still I wait for comments to show,
Somebody, asking me,
“Is it a sonnet in these rows?”
And I’ll reply, “Oh, buddy I just don’t know,
Never had poetry as my interest,
In high school and intermediate,
What so ever so.”

I almost ended this prose,
With “What so ever so”,
I went back into the rows,
I had something missing, Oh!
And it was the starting,
No, neither the first line,
Nor the rhyme,
But the title, though.

Now, what it’ll be,
You already know,
The first two words, “My Poetry”
How is it?
My friends and foes.



  1. whats cool about this poem is that you blend the reality of wanting comments with smooth metaphoric poetry with some rhyme. this is one of those rare written poems that sounds as if its being spoken (if that makes any sense).

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