Characters names

Maybe, you are down on WordPress once again. With some fabulous fantasy story going in your cerebrum. Or just a foggy impression you got or maybe some vibe from your past days or experiences. Which makes you feel could be a novel one day, or just a short story.

The hardest task, may not always lie in setting up the story, series of events, possible environment, the dramatic expressions or in inking the weather on the paper. There was always something worse that lie with creating a fantasy or fictitious work within my past school days low profile essay or story experiences. I was never good, though. I don’t think so having some experiences requires to be good or more importantly it requires a failure too, at-least some time.

The hardest task still have been the characters names. Huh! It is not funny if somebody is thinking so. Actually when it all comes to naming. You want to have a name, something that matches the characters, sound to have a descent amount of likeness too. You come across many names daily, but your brains don’t. At-least not at the time when you want them the most. The entire sarcastic problem lies in the simplicity of the names. The names that come are generally too common, and it all feels like arresting the attention of your readers to some neighbor instead of the character of your fictitious creation. 

Now under these circumstances you creation don’t makes you feel that they won’t ever attract your readers into your creation. And without going into the content they’ll feel like “Oh! just another”. And you wanted your creation to act like a successful introvert getting all of ’em into the content. The simplicity lets you down.


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