Signature that changed

Like all other, children. The first a bit mature child’s game was to sign. Entire last page of maximum notebooks were covered with signatures. Even the text books were not spared.

Though it was the beginning but what we all wanted was a unique and flawless signature. And practice it to such an extent that the signature start flowing with the ink onto the paper.

It was back in ninth grade when we (me and all of my classmates) had our first opportunity to sign something of official value (admit card for our board examination). I made a signature which had some theories of the time behind it. It looked like the alphabet “A” cause Amar is my pet name. And an inverted “S” in lower case because officially my name is Shubhashish. I don’t know if the signature was awe-sum or not but the theories indulged me to feel like got something perfect. I practiced it for a week. Trying to master it. Every attempt must make a clone on the paper.

But you know things are not always intended to go straight. And the series of event happened to be the same. Our turns were in alphabetical order to sign. My turn came I had a thick bodied black pen in my hand. Ready to carve another clone. But I was in a room with AC turned on. I don’t know the exact word for it. But the cold environment of that room and a freezing breeze from the ceiling fan made me shiver for a particular instant. That particular instantaneous shiver made me tremble. And what that tremble caused. The signature theorized with two theories, was not only a signature but a sign of self perfection changed into somewhat two leafed flower like initials. Overlapping caused this.


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