Poem with no rhyme are too a poem

Like you all I have been raised in a school environment. With my beginning days with “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep”. Poems that used to rhyme. In this due course from a child to a teenager. I went through many up and downs, though non of those up and downs were  too serious.

I never went too deep into the literature. But some days back while creating a post on Life On Surge, I felt a rhyme. They were two or three “enter key” strokes that took place and a post that started was changed into a poetry. Small but good. And way too much excellent for me because that was my first poem ever. You know how first time always feels like. The first thing I did after creating that poem, I called my mother and made her read it.

After some days I wrote another. The second was about my school. It was morning when I had a single word in my brain. It was hung. But I was not sure, if it was the  second form of hang or just another morning light dream’s remainder. I was back to blogger again. And this time only a single word was molded into another short poem.

Now I want to write more. But I have no sudden surge of intelligence going through my nerves again to rhyme once again. But I realize one thing. I am too young in this poem game to realize that poetry don’t always need a rhyme to be a poem. Maybe they were the childhood Twinkle and Black Sheep, that are probably the one rendering me with a mentality of existence of only the poems with rhymes. And all others are just forced to look like a poem and sound too in some places. Like the last word of the first line makes a rhyme with the last word of the last line.

Now here’s another funny thought. I was never interested in this poem thing till my 10+2 when I needed to have it the most.


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