Absent Minded

I am very absent-minded fellow. I don’t like to share it but that’s what I am. Though I felt good from inside when I found out a recent news that absent-minded people are more intelligent. That’s another matter of fact that I never have been way too good in my academics or even sports. But the thing of positiveness that came to my mind while going through this news were my tenth position in eighth grade. And My runner-up trophy in photography during my 10+2 sessions, of-course the last days of my school life.

Now, I’d like to share my stories of being an absent mind. Apart from going to buy bread and coming home with milk.

A couple of years back. We lived in a house on rent. And our apartment was just above the ground we required an electric motor so the supply water reaches the tank. My mother when ever asked me to turn the motor on or off. All I remember was the motor word nothing else. And usually used to forget whether I was asked to turn on or off, either the way downstairs to reach motor or much worse the very instant my mother uttered it. So what I usually used to do is go downstairs, reach the motor and apply the condition, if it is already on turn it off and vice versa. Most time it all used to work. But some times it don’t.

One day much worse happened. A needed a hair cut. Needed to go to the shop. And my mind was struggling with the two options either go walking or by a cycle. I don’t remember which option actually won but I took the cycle had the ‘hair cut’ thing. Now it’s time to go back. And so I started my journey back. Now there was something that was way too much unusual. I felt a calculation in my brain. The time taken to reach the shop was much less than the returning time. I was half the way back when I realised what actually the reason was. It was not the speed that was unusual instead it was the vehicle. I forgot my cycle on the shop.





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