Why are you blogging?

The WordPress.com’s home page shows that –

Freshly Pressed:The best of 474,363 bloggers,843,345 new posts, 1,235,360comments, & 174,237,249 words posted today on WordPress.com.

Wow! that’s an enormous stat.

If the stats are accurate then even I am one of those 474,363 bloggers. And some stats are because of me and my blog. And 1,235,360 comments that means some one is out there reading them too. And the blogs worth enough to make them comment.

Now all these stats makes my mind conjured up with only one question. Why are you blogging? Waiting for your answers…

By the way, I started to have something for me. Monetize it and get something out of it. At least enough to have a custom domain. Well that’s another matter of fact that I achieved non I thought too. So I moved from blogger to WordPress to meet you all. Have a word. Wish this time I’ll achieve it.

Till then Goodbye!


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