Surge of intelligence: biggest foolishness

I went to a bank to get a Demand Draft made. A DD summing to rupees 200. I wanted it for a form of a medical competition. I got it made filled the form. It was all ready to dispatch.

It was 4th of Feb 2011, I never dispatched thinking that I’ll do it on 5th, the next day.

5th Feb 2011. On this date my farewell party was scheduled. My friend came to pick me and he came way to early. I thought I will do it the next day. But next fell to be a Sunday. And with grace of my luck that was the last date to send the form.

Now, I had to get that DD cancelled. I knew that the bank will change Rs. 100. I thought it was useless giving the bank 100 bucks and get the remaining 100 bucks back from them. What’s the point. It will be worthless to go for it. And so I never went for it.

Now you see what foolishness I did.

Hey, do you figured it out. No big deal. Comment to let me know if you didn’t get it.


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