It all happens the lyrical way

We all mistake things this way. But it hurts when that thing is your own life. Now it is common they write about life one or the other way. Or you can say life has a series of events that are basically common entity that repeats itself in an uncommon way. We all experience the same thing one or the other time, but that same thing get interpreted in different brains with different way. And hence we all experience different different thing the same way or same same things in different way. I DON’T KNOW.

What happens when you try. Try a lot and you are mistaken one more time. Though they say it’s never too late. But when things go wrong with someone’s own life then they feel that it is leading them to too late.

watch the time go right out the window, tried to hold a lot but didn’t even know I wasted it all

When you are mistaken this is the first thing you are intended to do. That’s an absolute law. It is in Human nature. Don’t you think we live to find something to be worried about.

So quick to point the finger
To find the one to blame


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